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Our Contract
Owner Melinda R. Castillo

We accept Visa, Master Card, or Paypal.  Contact us by phone about the puppy you are interested in. We do sell puppies in less then a week when they are ready.  So if you have your eye on one, don't hesitate to buy it.  Most likely it will be ADOPTED within 7 days from the time it is ready.
This is the way your puppy's shot records and Contract will look like.  It will be inside the  crate.  You must read and abide by it to activate it.  Please call us before you purchase a puppy at 210-464-7877 .   We provide the best of care and want to help you do the same. We will sign it before you get it.  If contract is not signed and returned to me with in 7 days as instructed on the contract.  There is no contract between both parties.  Contract is to protect the puppy. It assures us that you, as the buyer, will continue to care for your new puppy as we have. You must take puppy to vet within 72 hours of arrival to activate your contract.  NO exceptions will be given as of Dec 1, 2004.
The following link has been provided for you so you can read up on care of a new puppy.  


Deposits to hold a puppy are non-refundable. It is not fair for the puppy to be on hold while someone else could have ADOPTED that puppy.

  •    Please Read Contract before you purchase a  puppy from us. 
  •                         Puppy ADOPTION Agreement
  • This contract is made between the parties named below:
  • This contract is effective till your puppy reaches one year of age.
  • 1. Parties.____Melinda R. Castillo ______________________________
  • The parties to this contract are :
  • Buyer:__________________________________________
  • Address:________________________________________
  • City, State, Zip:__________________________
  • hereinafter known as Buyer and
  • Seller: Melinda R. Castillo
  • Got A Puppy Owner
  • hereinafter known as owner
  • 2. Transaction:_______________________________
  •  Owner agrees let adoptee pay an adoption fee the following, hereinafter called “puppy”:
  • _______________________________________
  • _______________________________________
  • Adoptee agrees to pay $_________ to Seller in cash.
  • Delivery shall not occur until after Seller’s receipt of good funds. Seller shall deliver the
  • puppy to Buyer at the following shipping address.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • __________________________________________________________
  • 3. Warranties and Representations:
  • The parties agree that Owner shall not be responsible for damage resulting from any
  • treatable conditions or from hypoglycemia. Seller hereby disclaims all warranties and
  • makes no warranties of any kind except the following:
  • a. Owner  warrants that the puppy has received the following vaccinations:
  • We are not responsible for any vet bills created by the adoptee
  • Vaccination Received:
  • 1. _______________________
  • 2._______________________
  • 3.________________________
  • 4.________________________
  • Wormer
  • 1. ____________________________Date______________________
  • 2.___________________________Date_____________________
  • b. Owner  warrants that the puppy has received a health certificate along with one
  • examinations by a licensed veterinarian.
  • -2-
  • c. Owner warrants the puppy to be free from any congenital defects.
  • In the event of a congenital defect, Buyer’s sole remedy shall be to return the puppy to Seller and have Owner will replace it with the next available puppy.
  • A congenital defect shall be a condition that dates back to the fetal stage which
  • would severely impact the quality of life short of euthanasia. Adoptee at its sole cost, must present seller with written proof of a congenital defect certified by a
  • veterinarian who has examined the puppy within 72 hours of Seller’s delivery of the puppy.
  • Your contract will be voided if there is no vet visit upon the first 24 hours or first business day.
  • d. If a puppy dies and the death is caused by Owner , Adoptee  sole remedy shall be to offer a replacement puppy from Owner . In order to be entitled to this remedy,
  • Adoptee  must furnish Owner, at  Adoptee's cost, with the written results of an autopsy
  • by a licensed veterinarian stating the cause of death.
  • All warranties are void if after delivery, the puppy is not given a complete physical
  • examination, at Adoptee's expense, by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after
  • delivery to buyer and the veterinarian’s written results of the examination are not
  • furnished to seller within 1 week after delivery. Breeding the puppy before it reaches
  • the age of 12 months or a weight of 4 pounds shall void all warranties.
  • 4. Returns.
  • Adoptee may return the puppy to the Owner  within 24 hours after delivery.  Owner shall not be
  • responsible for shipping costs or veterinary bills.  Adoptee  agrees that if it returns the
  • puppy, it shall pay to Owner  twenty percent (20%) of the adoption   fee to Seller as a
  • restocking fee.
  • 5. Theft Discount.
  • If the puppy is stolen, Owner  agrees upon Buyer’s presentation with a police report
  • certifying same along with the AKC, CKC or APRI registration papers to provide Owner  with
  • 10% discount on Adoptees  next puppy next adoption fee from owner.
  • 6. Venue and Jurisdiction.
  • The parties agree that this contract and any disputes shall be governed only by
  • applicable federal law and by the laws of the State of Texas. The parties further agree
  • that all actions regarding this contract shall be filed in and heard by the Justice Court,
  • Demmit County
  • ______________________________
  • Adoptee
  • _____________________________
  • Owner
  • Melinda R. Castillo
  • Got a Puppy

Tips to have a positive experience with your new puppy.

It is very important puppy goes to the vet with in 24 hours. Sometimes puppies experience stress from being away from their litter mates. They get sad and refuse to eat. NOT eating can bring on Hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is due to lack of food and stress caused to the puppy. This can be avoided as long as the buyer keeps food accessible to the puppy 24 hours. Remember these puppies are toy breeds. This a common threat that toy puppies experience when they are played with to much or they are not allowed to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Simple $7.00 tube of nutri-cal can avoid expensive vet bills and of course doing exactly what the breeder did in caring for the puppy. This is why I welcome questions. Questions don't cost nothing. Vet bills do.

2. It is very important that you have your puppy access to food at all times. Upon arrival mix baby chicken food with the dry food. Do this if you see your puppy refuses to eat. This food will be irresistible to him and he will want to eat. Make sure as soon as he gets use to you and his new environment.  He is put back on all dry food. Dry food is always best for puppies health and growth.

3. Always no matter what get a fecal check on your first visit to the vet. 100% of the time puppies have treatable conditions that can be helped within those 24 first hours. We do treat for all of these things but stress and being away from their litter mate can bring out coccidia that was not present at the time of shipment.

4. As of Dec 1. 2004. Every puppy that leaves will be given albon for stress and environment change.   Please give the puppy 1/2 cc for  the next 10 days.  I take pride in sending healthy puppies upon shipment and do expect the buyer to take the puppy upon arrival to the vet ASAP. Please make a vet appointment prior to puppy arriving.

5. Take time to locate a vet. You will be surprised that many vets have different fees for the same services. It took me 3 months before I found the perfect vet for me and  my puppies.

She cares and loves my animals and does not charge me an arm and a leg. It took time and research, but am very satisfied with my vet.

6. Read and read as much as you can. The net is full of tons of free information that is there for the take. I have provided some links on my web under the page "Contact Us."

Please understand that we want you to have a positive experience with your puppy. Puppies are like humans as well who do experience sadness and loss when taken away from their litter mates. This can be helped as long as you know what to do and how to care for your puppy. Many web links provide endless amounts of information on how to care for a new puppy. http://puppychow.com . Please take the time to read and feel free to ask me any questions. I'm here to help you.

I have been caring for puppies for 18 years as well as breeding as a hobby.

Melinda R. Castillo




Prepared by the law offices of S. Keith Engelke