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Chihuahua Owner Quiz

Owner Quiz

Do you have what it takes to be a Chihuahua Owner? Take the quiz below and find out for yourself.

1.  Dogs have legs for the purpose of:
     a. Running beside you as you jog.
     b. Taking long walks in the park.
     c. Balancing more comfortably on your shoulder.
2. A dog's favorite place in the house should be:
    a. Out in the yard.
    b. Lying at your feet.
    c. Under the bedcovers.
3.  A don's place in the family should be:
    a. Devoted protector.
    b. Subservient friend.
    c. Lord and master of all.
4. Dogs require:
    a. Food, water and an occasional pat on the head.
    b. Lots of exercise and lots of training.
    c. Full-body contact 24 hours per day.
5. A dog should bark:
    a. Only for a good reason, like an approaching threat.
    b. To let you know someone is coming or something is
        happening outside.
    c. Just to hear the sound of its own voice.
6. Smart dogs:
    a. Know when to be dominant and when to back down.
    b. Obey their masters.
    c. Know that size is incidental to power, glory and the
       ability to intimidate a Great Dane.

Tally your Score: 
  Now tally up your answers.  If you answered mostly As or Bs, we're sorry to inform you that you may not have what it takes to handle the awesome responsibility of Chihuahua ownership.  On the other hand, converts abound.
   For example, my husband was always getting big dogs to run around the yard.  He could not love or cuddle a big dog.  They would dig holes in the yard.  Eat the side of the house.  Until one day I brought home a tiny chihuahua.  His heart was won by this tiny bundle of love.  How could something so tiny fill his every dream of owning a dog?  Now we own more then one.
By the way our yard is perfect.  Our chihuahuas get to enjoy the outdoors as well as the inside of our home. 
    If you answered mostly C's you know who you are.  You fit the profile for the  Perfect Chihuahua Owner, and if you don't already have one (or two or three)  then what are you waiting for?


So what are you waiting for? Click here to get your chihuahua today.


7.  Dogs see humans as:
    a. Leaders of the pack.
    b. Friends and companions.
    c. Modes of transportation and petting machines.
8. If you live in an apartment, you:
   a. Shouldn't have a dog.
   b. Should only have a dog if you are willing to walk it twice each day.
   c. Should find a dog proportional to your square footage.
9. Around the house, dogs owners muct be careful  not to be:
   a. Ignore their dogs.
   b. Forget their dogs.
   c. Accidentally sit on their dogs.
10. When it comes to children:
     a. Dogs are a kid's best friend.
     b. Dogs provide a means to teach children responsibility.
     c. Dogs might allow children to share the same household,
         as long as the children are properly trained..
11. Everyone knows Chihuahuas are:
     a. Yappy little rats.
     b. Cute but a lot of trouble.
     c. Bright, funny, intelligent, animated little pets that give you a whole
        lotta dog per pound
12.  When it comes to a capacity for love:
     a.  The bigger the dog , the more loving.
     b. All dogs are devoted to their owners.
     c.  The size of the heart is inverserly proportional to the size of the dog.
Aside from chihuahua quizzes:
Anyone considering a Chihuahua must be prepared for both the wonderful and challenging aspects of Chihuahua's endless amount of affection.  Chihuahuas will want to be by your side 24-7.  Don't worry, they are so small that their endless love and affection will not overwhelm you.  If you were thinking a couple of petting sessions a day would be enough, a Chihuahua isn't for you.
Chihuahuas have a reputation for being clannish and unfriendly toward other dogs and suspicious of strangers.
Thanks to good breeding, however, many of the more undesirable characteristics of Chihuahuas are things of the past.  The love and devotion that Chihuahuas express is so contrary to the stereotype that has been so propagated over the years of Chihuahuas being yappy endless barking rats for no reason.  Fortunately, most of the respectable Chihuahua breeders have bred out the yappy, obnoxious traits, leaving
the sweet -tempered, affectionate pet as the standard for the Chihuahua today.  Also years of socialization and gaining respect of the breed has helped a Chihuahuas' personality gained honored pet ownership.