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Teacup and Toy Pomeranian Puppies For Sale

I found my perfect Pomeranian at

NO POMERANIAN PUPPIES AVAILABLE at this TIME Message posted May 2, 2012

Everyone is given the oportunity to play, socialize , and handle their puppy before they adopt one.

teacup chihuahua puppies for sale

Teacup Pomeranian



Just put up pic. This little girl is now available for shipping.

Cost with shipping

$1250.00 if bought before Valentines. Will discount $100.00.

More puppies available. JUST SCROLL Down ONLY two Left

SOLD to Karlie. F with Love from DADDY

Teacup Pomeranian


This tiny little girl is just a show stopper. She is your perfect portable puppy where ever you go. She has the most beautiful black and white coat. This tiny little girl knows she is special and acts it as well. She is calm yet playful. Call 210-464-7877. We do accept major credit cards or Paypal. Call 210-464-7877

just posted 2/05/12



Tiny Lion Teacup Pomerain

with shipping $895.00 included


Tiny Lion is a teacup Pomeranian

He is just to cute for words. Loves to cuddle and give tons of puppy kisses. This is the perfect little guy to carry every where you go. Don't hesitate and make this little one your love one for ever before VALENTINES DAY. Call 210-464-7877 We do accept major credit cards or Paypal. Currently Tiny Lion is only 1.13 as of today Feb 11, 2012. He can be yours on Valentines Day. Just give me a call, I do need one day in advance to make the arrangements with Continental Airlines. He currently has her health certificate from the vet.

This little guy is my favorite as you can tell.

$875.00 with shippingIf you want to know about shipping. Just click on the plane.














I love to pose for the camera. Make sure you view my montage that is available below.  




Tea Time AnyOne

Miss Panda (Last little girl available on this page)

This little girl is just the right size. Estimated to be 3.5 pounds or less. She is to sweet for words. Just in time for Easter. She will bring you hugs and kisses for may years to come. Adorable calm and sweet. She will make the perfect lap sized puppy. We accept major credit cards or Paypal. Give us a call at 210-464-7877. Currently Tea Time Mis Panda is only 1.3 as of today March 31, 2012. She can be yours just before EASTER. Just give me a call, I do need one day in advance to make the arrangements with Continental Airlines if you want her shipped.

Ask for Melinda

$950.00 with shipping.




Wanting to know how shipping is done. Just click on the plane. Thanks Melinda






Dominos is a blue Merle tri colored male Pomeranian.

Sweet, calm and playful little guy whom is ready to please you.

He has the most unique colored coat and personality to boot. If you are looking for a perfect puppy. This s the little guy for you.







Mr. Panda

These are my new parents. Tell your friends that we only one puppy left for sale. She is located on our Chihuahua page. She is a Schnorkie Designer puppy. Her name is Prada. That is going be really small. You'll be able to carry her in a puppy purse.








That's it guys. No more puppies for SALE. Mr. Panda was my last one. Gonna take pictures of the proud parents soon.

Mr. Panda is just the perfect little boy. Last Pomeranian left for SALE

Message posted July 27, 2011



Has the most adorable black and white coat. Yes don't mistake him a tiny little Panda bear. This is the kind of little boy that you'll love to curl up and watch TV. He is such a cuddler and puppy pleaser.

Cost of Mr. Panda


AKC blue Merle Pomeranian Male




This little guy is a blue Merle Pomeranian with the most adorable coloring ever. He is sweet calm and yet playful. He loves to give tons of puppy kisses and loves to follow you every where you go.


Call 210-464-7877

$975.00 with Shipping

Teacup Female Pomeranian

Picture taken July 29,2011 (First come first serve on this baby girl. She is my last female puppy available)

Her new video is posted for you to enjoy. Also want you to see what a fantastic little girl she is.  







ONLY little guy left on this page is Mr. Panda located a couple of pics above.

Pastry Tiny little Vanessa


She is full of tons of loven and puppy kisses. This little girl is a dream come true to anyone whom buys her. She is so unique and adorable. You'll have lots of fun taking this little girl in your puppy purse everywhere you go.

Current on one puppy shot and worming.








Going to Maryland. They are going on their 4th Pomeranian from me.

They can't wait to make Coco their's soon.










Miss. Susue

Tiny black and White Pomeranian. Adorable and just the right size to carry any where you go. This is the girl for you.









is and adorable black with a white chest boy. He is lovable an well socialized around children and other puppies.

Cost of this little guy is $895.00 with shipping included. He will make a wonderful addition to your family.





tiny toy pomeraniantiny toy


Mr Panda

If you are looking for the perfect sized purse puppy this is the one for you. He has the most perfect black and white coat. His markings resemble a tiny little Panda Bear. He will melt your heart the minute you hold him. Loves to be held and spoiled rotten. He is too cute for words. Don't hesitate to call on this little guy 210-464-7877. We do accept Paypal or Major Credit Cards.

DOB (Male)



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