Our Puppy Contract

Owner Melinda Reyes


Buyer understands that a chihuahua puppy requires EXTRA CARE and attention to remain healthy.  Failure to provide proper care and health management (including a proper diet and regular veterinary care) or to abide by requirements made in this Contract shall void this agreement.If for some reason Buyer is unable to provide a loving home for the puppy, has first right or refusal for the dog and/or will assist in finding a home for the dog.  This dog will NEVER see the inside of an animal shelter.  PERIOD!!***PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing a puppy or dog (online or in person) from Getapuppyr4me or , the purchaser understands and agrees to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The following limited health guarantee applies only to the Buyer. This agreement is to protect both the Buyer and Seller and covers the cost of the dog only. (Shipping cost is $350.00 and is never refunded) That is basically what it cost to ship a puppy

Seller represents that the puppy has no known disease or illness, and has no known congenital or hereditary conditions that would adversely affect the health of the pup at the time of sale or that is likely to adversely affect the health of the pup in the future.

We are not responsible for the associated charges, such as shipping, Paypal fee's, veterinarian fee's, mental stress &  low blood sugar. This guarantee ONLY covers life threatening congenital/hereditary conditions that will severely affect the suitability of this dog as a pet. This guarantee is NOT for adults, breeder dogs, rescued, retired or young adults/adults sold at 1 year of age or older. To qualify for the limited health guarantee, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 48 hrs of the date of receipt of the puppy AND submit PROOF of the vet exam within 48 hours of date of receipt of puppy. (Starts at departure from my home for shipping or at time of pick-up from my home) If the new owner fails to submit proof of exam within the allotted 48 hours, they agree to forfeit ANY guarantee or warranty.

Proof of vet exam must be sent via e-mail, fax or certified mail and must arrive within 48 hours. I will accept proof in the form of a vet receipt (showing date of exam & puppy description or name), letter from veterinarian (showing date of exam & puppy description or name) or a health certificate from veterinarian (showing date of exam & puppy description or name).

This puppy is guaranteed to be of sound health and temperament at the time of purchase. If a problem is detected, the Buyer must notify the Seller the day of the initial exam to make a claim for a replacement. No guarantee is made on problems not detected by a veterinarian. If there is a question regarding a defect, the Seller has the right to a second opinion from a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice and that second opinion will take precedence over the first.

If the puppy is found to have a major congenital defect (a defect that would be life threatening to the puppy), he is to be returned within 24 hours of the exam and a replacement puppy (of equal  value) will be made when one becomes available, providing that the Seller receives written confirmation of the specific defect from the examining veterinarian. If the Buyer decides to keep the puppy, he/she accepts all medical costs. May be shipped back within 48 hours.

Common problems or problems brought on by the Buyer (such as an injury, illness, immunizable disease, or hypoglycemia) are not guaranteed by the Seller and are the responsibility of the Buyer.  Buyer has been made aware of this breeds susceptibility to hypoglycemia and has been provided with information regarding prevention, recognition of, and courses of treatment for the condition.  Therefore, Seller will not be responsible for the puppy becoming hypoglycemic resulting in death.  Buyer agrees not to do any excessive traveling with the pup unless it is to the Veterinarian, until pup is fully vaccinated.  Our guarantee does not cover Parvo.  Parvo is very contagious even if given Neopar, which lasts only 14 days, so do not take your puppy out until all vaccinations are given.

Conditions, diseases & disorders that are NOT covered but are not limited to the following:

Open Fontanel: also known as a Molera (A soft spot on top of the head), this spot may or may not grow completely closed in the Chihuahua.  It is not a genetic defect but a unique feature of the Chihuahua. 
Trachea: in small breeds do sometimes develop a peculiar cough, this is due to the collapse tracheal rings, it is also known as reverse sneezing. Usually happens when pup gets excited.
Hernias: (of any kind) unless life threatening
Testicles: (not descending)
Luxation of the Patella: Grade 1 or 2

Infectious Diseases & Parasites:Including but not limited to Parvo, Distemper, Leptospirosa, Hepatitis, Corona, Bordatella (Kennel Cough), Worms, Mites, Giardia, Coccidia.

Hypoglycemia, Hypocalcaemia and other vitamin/food/nutrient deficiencies: Breeder is not responsible for deficiencies and disorders associated with poor diet. We feed our puppies "Royal Canin Puppy 33". Buyer has been made aware of this breeds susceptibility to hypoglycemia and has been provided with verbal courses of treatment for the condition.  Therefore, seller will not be responsible for the puppy becoming hypoglycemic resulting in death or illness.

Seller does not guarantee temperaments, breeding abilities, size, coat, color, bites or quality of show whether or not AKC registered.  This includes all faults of any kind.

Seller is not responsible for any associated charges such as vet fees, treatment costs, shipping fees, transportation costs, or mental stress. 

***It is the responsibility of the Buyer to print, sign, and mail this agreement back to us before the puppy is shipped.  If we do not have a signed Contract from the Buyer the health guarantee is null and void.