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About Us and Our Customers


  We are a small nursery so we offer individualized attention to each puppy. We help create secure and emotionally stable puppies that will become a welcome addition to your family. We do this by ensuring that the puppies have proper medical care and plenty of socialization before they reach you. Our web site explains the care we offer our tiny puppies. We are more then happy in helping you train your new puppy during it's developmental stages. My grandmother and I love what we do. It's our joy to pass on these tiny little bundles of love to you. We accept major credit cards or Paypal. 

 Internationally Known and Trusted

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Many of our customers buy our Chihuahuas for mascots as well.  This chihuahua's name is Elle.  She is the mascot for Electoral College.
Here she is meeting the First Lady Barbara Bush


We are excited to announce that it is official. The designer of JoJoFiori, Nicole Moghimi has agreed to design our puppies clothing. My pets will be the first ones to model her new upcoing line of clothing. If you are interested in purchasing her clothing. You are welcome to visit her web site . Nicole was so kind to come to my home and tailor fit my Chihuahua Miss. Panda.   I  had so much fun viewing and trying clothing on my Miss. Panda.  I recommend Nicole for all your pet fashion needs.  Her designs are fresh, unique, comfortable, durable, for night or everyday wear.

Click on the picture below to view more on
Tommy Worrell

Tommy Worrell is available for commercials, movies, advertisements, etc...
 Tommy is a client. He is known for being in movies with many movies stars.  He currently has his own show here in San Antonio Texas.  He also has a way of training animals to do many tricks.  It's amazing what he can trained a Texas long horn to do for his show.  If you are ever in  San Antonio Texas stop by Tommy's Worrell's ranch and trail ride.  Enjoy some good old Texas fun.


Dr. David R. Kaiser D.C.  and his wife went around looking for a puppy for months till they  found us here in San Antonio. They  were very impressed on the care we provided  their new daughter.  They  mentioned how well socialized she was and how much she has grown since they last saw her.  Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser were given a tour of our facility. They will recommend our puppies to their friends and  their vet. Their vet will direct anyone who is looking  for a puppy to us.  We will be happy to meet clients only at our Vets office locally.
I think that is just terrific.


Dorris Jackson



Prince Fontenot is a professional body builder. 
Him and his wife are happy owners of a Jackchize
female puppy.
       Services offered by Prince:


Geraldine De La Fuente is fond of puppies.
She will be returning for another puppy in mid September.
She was so nice to model with our puppies for free.
She is a very sweet down to earth person.
 I enjoyed showing her my puppies and the
 care we provide. This is one Movie Star
that appreciates her fans.



teacup chihuahua puppies for sale pomeranian puppies for sale teacup yorkiepoos for sale



Everybody has always asked me where I bought my Yorkie. They say he is the best well mannered Yorkie ever. I sell Yorkies once in a blue moon. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, trusted, Yorkie Breeder, I highly recommend WWW.YORKIEHEAVEN.

Cheryl Gray loves and cares for her dogs as much as I do. Looking for someone to trust and buy a Yorkie from. Get one from Cheryl. She currently has male and female Yorkies for Sale.


If you see a puppy you like, make sure you leave a deposit to hold it.  If you wait any longer it will get SOLD because we do have the best and well cared for  Chihuahuas in South Texas.  There is a $250.00 non-refundable fee to hold a puppy.  This will stop the bidding of your puppy.  It  will hold the  puppy  while you continue to pay the balance.
These are the original Chihuahuas raised in Texas right across the Rio Grande not far from the Mexico State of  Chihuahua.  Chihuahuas originated hundreds of years ago in  that area of Mexico.  Our kennel is located only 25 miles away from the border of Mexico.
This is why they are so popular here in South Texas.  They are not fake " Picante Past" from the cold north.   They are the Authentic Chihuahuas from Mexico who know all about staying cool under the AC to avoid the Prickley Pear Cacti,  Mesquite Trees, Javelinas,  Rattlesnakes and 100 degree desert heat.



Terry Quinn is the new owner of one of my Long Coat Chihuahuas that I have. She named her Layla. Terry is a world wide known doll sculpture. She is one of the few artist that have mastered the technique of sculpturing life like dolls. She is the designer of the doll Little Bit of Love.  So next time you see this beautiful doll. Remember that Terry Quinn is a proud owner of one of our puppies. Click and enjoy viewing Mrs. Quinn's creations by clicking on the pictures above.

Thanks Terry for your trust and friendship. You are a fantastic and creative woman. I'm so happy our little Layla is going to you. 

View this montage created
                              at One True Media
Puppies Sold 3rd week of June


We are proud owners of a Chihuahua.
Click on the  Spoiled Rotten band  to listen to their
music and link in to their web site.
We love our girl.
Melinda from Gia the lead band singer.


Click on Batman to view larger

Click to view larger

Batman is our first international boy to be sold to Norway.
He is our super heroe dog.  He will learn to keep his new brother and
sister safe.  He will also guard his new mommy and daddy with all his
mighty might paws.  Thanks Ann for the banner.
Click on him to view Ann's web.


Tiny Texas is one of our famous International Chihuahuas.

She has finally arrived at her new home January 26, 2006.  Take a tour

of her beautiful website.

teacup chihuahua puppies for sale pomeranian puppies for sale teacup yorkiepoos for sale


This little Chihuahua's name is Lilly. She is currently living Norway  with her owners.  The owners breed champion kittens. Click on her picture to view their site.  Lilly is their mascot and model for their pet store in Norway. She models top of the line clothing from world known designers. Lily and Nan bought Lilly around a year and  half ago. They are still very happy with their precious Chihuahua.

Why do we sell over the internet?  We prefer to sell our puppies over the net, because coming in contact with parvo is deadly to little puppies. Parvo is very easily transmitted. It can be picked up by handling an infected dog and stay in a person's fingernails or even on their shoes and clothing. When people start the search for a new puppy they may visit many breeders. If the person comes in contact with parvo, they can spread it to all other puppies they visit. Our puppies do not have parvo.  We often test for it and the tests always come back negative. We keep the puppies in a clean and sterilized environment. We ask everyone who does come here for their puppy to please come here first, before going anywhere else. We want to protect the health of such tiny puppies. If you ever suspect a breeder of running a puppy mill, please don't stay. Puppy mills often have parvo outbreaks and once that happens it is difficult to get rid of the virus. Leave as soon as possible and make sure you thoroughly clean whatever came in contact with the puppies or their environment. 


Ms. Becky is an proud owner of one of our min pins.
She breeds and trains  World  Champion horses. Her horses have won many ribbons in the  show  ring. To view more of Ms. Becky's ranch. Click on her picture.
Thanks Becky for all the updates you have sent me on Missy.



Alexandra Ahmadi is a model for
Gotham Model Mangement for New York
She is available for  commercials, modeling, and
acting.  She is a happy client.
Alexandra Ahmadi was so happy with her first puppy.
She had to come back and get playing buddies for her puppy.
Now she owns 3 puppies.


Kathi Willi is a breeder herself.  She breeds champion Shibas.  What sold her to Coco was the fact that he is a well adjusted, loved, and socialized puppy. She has been looking for over a year. 
She knows a winner when she sees one because Coco will always remain in my heart forever.
(To view Kathi's web site. Click on the picture above)


 This is Maria & Andreas . They have been a couple now for about a year now and they are very much in love. :) They love spending lots of time with friends and each other.

They both love to travel and see other cultures. Before they met each other they both have been traveling a lot and living away from Norway. Maria had been living in Minnesota US. and Andreas  had been living in many different homes in Ireland, Greece and Turkey. Now they are happy that they have found each other and hopefully they'll get to travel a lot together since that's something they both love to do.

They live together in an apartment at Grünerlřkka in Oslo, Norway. They bought their apartment a year ago, and they love living there. Still there is a lot of work to be done to their new home, but they both agree it's home sweet home.

Maria was the one that opened Andreas' eyes towards the beautiful breed of Chihuahuas.  She has been learning and searching for a puppy for about two years now. And finally now they are a waiting for their beautiful Chi puppy from .

They will receive their new puppy around January. It takes 7 months to meet all the requirements Norway ask for.

Maria and Andreas have build a beautiful and informative web site about their new Chihuahua who they named, "Tiny Texas." To visit and learn more about Chihuahuas just go to .  They have also  started a new clothing line named after their new baby.  Enjoy your visit with Maria and Andreas. They are both very wonderful people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting.


teacup chihuahua puppies for sale pomeranian puppies for sale teacup yorkiepoos for sale

teacup chihuahua puppies for sale pomeranian puppies for sale teacup yorkiepoos for sale